Terms of Sale

The purchase of products on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains is governed by these Terms of Sale (hereinafter referred-to as the “Terms of Sale”), which all users are required to read before executing any order.


Northfleet Inc. is the vendor of the products that the customers can buy on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains and other registered subdomains. These Terms of Sale apply only to purchase orders made on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains in accordance with the procedures and time-limits specified below under the “How to complete an order” section. The Terms of Sale do not however regulate the purchase of products or the provision of services offered by parties other than Northfleet Inc. and visible on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains through links or banners.


In the event of any damage caused by any products, Northfleet Inc. waives any liability, which remains the liability of the manufacturer in question. Northfleet Inc. shall also not be liable in the event that the photographs of the products for sale on www.bnorthfleet.com  and other registered subdomains do not closely match reality because of the settings of the monitor, browser or any other malfunctions independent of Northfleet Inc.. All items for sale on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains have a label and seal, which are considered an integral part of each product. Northfleet Inc. reserves the right not to accept the return of products without their corresponding tag and seal. The prices of the products sold on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains are subject to change and may differ depending on the Country in which the product is to be shipped. With respect to deliveries outside the U.S.A., it may happen that some administrative burdens, such as, for example, customs duties cannot be determined in advance; in those cases, nonetheless, those administrative burdens will be borne by the customers. All users should make sure of the final price before completing the purchase order.


To make an order on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains, all users must hold a valid e-mail address and meet all legal requirements necessary to enter into a purchase agreement with Northfleet Inc.

Purchases agreements are deemed to be executed only when Northfleet Inc. communicates to customers that the items have been dispatched.

Northfllet Inc. reserves the right not to execute purchase orders that are incomplete or incorrect, or that do not provide a guarantee of creditworthiness. In these cases, customers will receive an explanatory email confirming that the order has not been accepted. Northfleet Inc. also reserves the right not to execute purchase orders where the items are unavailable, for any reason, including temporarily. In such a case, within 15 days upon order receipt Northfleet Inc. will inform the customer by e-mail that the items are not available and proceed to refund the purchase price. Northfleet Inc. reserves the right to accept purchase orders for products to be shipped only to the Countries listed in the Shipping page on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains.


Users will find the different available payment types and delivery charges in the order form. The purchase price and delivery expense reported in the order form will be charged when the order has been completed. If the customer pays by credit card, Northfleet Inc. guarantees that the payment will be carried out via a secure payment gateway and that Northflee Inc. will not get access to or store any financial information. The credit card will only be used to complete the purchase procedure, to refund customers returning products in compliance with the right of withdrawal, or if any customers need to report the commission of frauds on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains to the competent authorities.


Discount codes are codes issued by Northfleet Inc. that allow customers to benefit of discounts on the products sold on www.bnorthfleet.com and other registered subdomains. Once users have a discount codes, they can go to the checkout where and enter the code in the box provided.

Any entitlement to the use of discount codes is subject to the following limitations:

– It is not possible to use more than one discount code in the same purchase order;

– Discount codes applicable to several items can only be used when such items are purchased jointly through a single purchase order;

– Discount codes may not ever be converted into cash. If a customer intends to return the items purchased using a discount code, they simply have to follow the standard return procedure under “Returns”. In case a return is accepted by Northfleet Inc., the customer will be refunded the price paid minus any discount codes.


Save the case when products are entirely or partially unavailable, Northfleet Inc. commits to make the parcel available to the courier within 7 (seven) days maximum from the date of the purchase order.

Orders received are shipped and delivered by a courier chosen by Northfleet Inc.

Standard deliveries are made from Monday to Friday over the course of the day. To facilitate the delivery, we suggest you give us an address where someone will be in during the week to collect the order. If at the time of delivery the recipient is out, we urge you to contact the courier to agree on a suitable delivery time.

Northfleet Inc. shall not be held liable for any delay in the delivery when independent from Northfleet Inc., for instance because due the activity carried out by the courier in the specific case.


Customers should refer to the “Returns” section to find out all the details for the exercise of the right of withdrawal. The “Returns” section is an integral and essential part of these Terms of Sale and is therefore deemed as known and accepted in full by the customer at the time of purchase.


If a customer needs any assistance, information or advice, they can contact our Customer Service Department by filling out the specific form in the “Contact Us” section.


Northfleet Inc. aims to fully protect users’ privacy. To learn how Northfleet Inc. handles personal information and to learn more about the Privacy Policy, reference should be made to the “Privacy Policy” section.


Northfleet Inc. reserves the right to amend or update these Terms of Sale every time is necessary or appropriate. Users should regularly read these Terms of Sale and, in any case, read them carefully before carrying out any order.