Privacy Policy

Northfleet Inc. are committed to protecting your privacy.

Our goal is to protect your privacy as much as possible in the context of fully respecting your rights, your fundamental freedoms and dignity, with particular reference to your right to confidentiality, personal identity and protecting your personal data.

When handling your personal data we comply with a principle of strict necessity. For this reason, this website is configured in a way which reduces the use of your data to a minimum and to avoid handling your data when the ends in specific cases can be achieved by using anonymous data or methods which allow users to be identified only if necessary.

We guarantee that your personal data will always be handled in a legal and correct fashion, it will be gathered and recorded for goals instrumental to the purposes indicated in this policy, not exceeding the purposes for which it has been gathered and it shall be kept in such a way that allows you to be identified for the period of time necessary for the aim for which it was gathered or subsequently handled. In order to ensure that your personal data is correct and up to date, we ask that you always check it is correct and immediately inform us if this has changed.

This privacy policy applies to all circumstances in which you may browse the store website or use the services offered on it, including if you do not register on the site or buy any products, for which reason we ask that you read it carefully.

Northfleet Inc. (and the persons in charge of data handling appointed by the them) may acquire your data in verbal, written, electronic or telephonic form. Handling your personal data in order to allow you to enjoy the services requested is carried out by Northfleet Inc. (and the persons in charge of data handling appointed by the them) mainly using electronic and computerised methods.

If you decide to register your account on the store website, you will find that the option allowing us to send our newsletter to your email address is automatically selected. The newsletter is commercial and informative in nature; it is used to promote products and services offered on the store website (or other websites operated by Northfleet Inc.) and to communicate fashion and/or other news. When you register your account, you are free to deselect the option giving your consent for the newsletter to be sent if you would prefer not to receive it. In addition, you may at any moment decide to cancel our newsletter, even if you have only requested to receive the newsletter without registering your account on the store website. You will find a link to unsubscribe in each newsletter.

Northfleet Inc. guarantees that your personal data will not be in any way communicated or distributed to third parties, unless it is required by law or when strictly necessary in order to fulfil the contract you have entered into with store (for example, communicating your bank details to the bank carrying out the transactions related to paying for your purchases).


You have the right to obtain from Northfleet Inc. confirmation that they hold and are processing your personal data, and communication of this in a clear and understandable form. You also have the right to obtain the following information from Northfleet Inc.

– the origin of your personal data;

– purpose and method of processing your data;

– method applied in the event of processing using electronic tools;

– name of controller and persons in charge of handling your data;

– subjects or categories of subjects to whom your personal data may be communicated or who may become aware of it (for example, in capacity of person responsible for or tasked with processing).

You also have the right to obtain from Northfleet Inc.

– the update, correction and completion of your personal data;

– the deletion, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of your personal data handled in breach of the law, including data it is not necessary to store in relation to the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently handled;

– a statement that the procedures referred to at a) and b) above have been notified, including with regard to their content, to those to whom the data has been communicated or disclosed, save where this proves to be impossible or would necessitate the employment of means manifestly disproportionate to the right being safeguarded.

In addition, you also have the right to object, in whole or in part:

– for legitimate reasons, to the handling of your data even if it is relevant for the purpose for which it was collected by Northfleet Inc.;

– to the handling of your personal data for the aim of sending marketing or direct sales material or to carry out market research or commercial communications.

You may freely exercise your rights at any moment by using the form Contact us.


We guarantee that your personal data is safeguarded and controlled by Northfleet Inc. using suitable and preventative safety measures, in order to reduce the risk of destruction or loss, including accidental, of the data, the risk of access by unauthorised persons or handling which is unauthorised or not in line with the collection purposes indicated in the policy above.

In any case, Northfleet Inc. denies any responsibility in the event such destruction or loss of data, or unauthorised access to them is as a result of the equipment used by you. We therefore ask that you ensure your computer or internet providers uses suitable and up to date software systems for protecting electronic data transmission (for example, anti-virus, firewalls, spam filters).